Northeast Marine Inc.
Will you accept my boat as a trade?
We would gladly consider your boat as a trade. We will give you an estimate. But before its possible to give you a firm trade-in value, we will need to see the boat and run the motor.

Will I need to make an appointment for service?
Yes, please. It is always a good idea to call first for an appointment to ensure quick service and a reduced “down time” for your boat.

What does shrink-wrap cost?
Pricing is based on the length of your boat. Please call and we would be glad to give you an estimate.

What information do I provide to get a part for my boat or motor?
Your serial number is required because manufacturers make changes and improvements to their products mid-year in production years. Serial numbers insure you get the correct part the very first time.

Where are you located?
Please click here or on our "Directions" button for detailed map and directions.

Can you get me replacement seats for my boat?
If you intend to replace with Tracker manufactured seats, there usually is a 4-year time limit. But we will be happy to check their stock for you.

Can you renew my boat registration?
No, I am sorry. The Pa Fish & Boat Commission does not allow us to renew registrations. I do have the renewal forms or you can go their website or you can call the PFBC during business hours.

Do you have a Notary Public on site?
Yes. Hours for the Notary Public are 12 Noon to 4PM.

If the boat I just purchased has a title, does the buyer and the seller need to be present to transfer?
It is necessary to have both signatures notarized; however, the seller may opt to have his signature notarized by a Notary Public near his residence. The buyer then can bring in the notarized title for transfer and registration. If there is a trailer involved in this sale, the same applies. However, if the trailer is coming into PA from another state, the VIN # must be personally verified by the Notary.

I just purchased a boat. What do I need to transfer the registration?
If your newly purchased boat does not have a title, you will need a bill of sale that includes the PA assigned #, and the hull identification number. If you have access the previous owner’s registration card, it includes all the boat info needed.
If the boat has a title, please see the prior question FAQ for more information.

Can I store my boat at your facility?
Space is limited so we encourage you to call 570-489-FISH as soon as possible so we can confirm a space is available for you.
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